Electrical Control Panels Manufacturers


We are glad to introduce our self as leading Electrical Control Panels Manufacturers and supply of electrical distribution panels and relay panels for industrial, residential apartments, commercial, Agricultural sectors and other organizations. We have catered to several organizations in the past and have a good work relation with all of them with no complaints from our clients. We offer you better services that are of the highest standard and at extremely competitive rates.


Our Electical Control Panels is well equipped with high-tech machineries and qualified personnel having expertise in control panel design, project planning, panels manufacturing and development, testing & commissioning of all types of electrical panels.


We are leading in Synchronising Panels Manufacturers. The range of DG Synchronization Panels comes complete with Controlling & Protection Relays capable of synchronizing of more than one DG sets / with Mains & DG and with necessary protections. Our company offer the DG Synchronization Panels at affordable rates to clients.

: Power Control Center

            :: Motor Control Center

           :: DG Synchronizing HT/LT Panel(with PLC/ Auto)

  • :: PLC Control manufacturers
    :: AMF Panel
    :: Bus Duct Up to 6000A(Conventional Type)
    :: Enclosure for Standard Panel
    :: Automatic Power Factor Improvement Panel DG Synchronization Panel
    :: Fire Pump Panel
    :: Automatic Street Light Switching Panel
    :: Sub Station ¡VIndoor/Outdoor Panel (LV/MV)
    :: Floor DB¡¥s
    :: Control & Relay Panel


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